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Lifestyles Banking

For those 50 and over
Lifestyles is your ticket to enjoying what you've achieved and banking where you're appreciated. Designed for customers 50 and over, Lifestyles offers the banking extras you're looking for and offers opportunities that fit your way of life! Open your SMB Lifestyles checking account today at any SMB location or change an existing checking account to Lifestyles.

Earn interest on balance (interest rate subject to change)

Free Lifestyles checks (one box per order)

Enjoy travel and seminar opportunities

Free money orders and cashier's checks

No penalty for early withdrawal from CD for medical expense needs

Minimum $50 deposit to open

Two ways to avoid monthly service fees:
   $1,000 minimum daily balance
   $5,000 combined deposits

$7.50 per month and $.15 per debit item* over 25 when balance falls below minimum

*Debit Items include checks and electronic (ACH) items

Contact your Lifestyles Advisor for more information.