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New SMB Online upgrade - computer and iPhone
Our new online and mobile banking is here!

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buy a new home with an SMB home loan
Our real estate market is strong!

The real estate market in our area is still very strong, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We hear stories every day about people who list their home and get three offers immediately, sometimes for MORE than the asking price.

If you’re in the market for a new home and want to make sure you get the home you want, remember these tips.

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We offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and the best customer service you'll find. Visit our friendly lenders at your neighborhood SMB location or fill out our short form to get prequalified online. Here at SMB, we make banking and borrowing easy.

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Carolyn C.

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Sara R.

"SMB has always been there when I needed help."
Ellen B.

"We have gotten all of our home and auto loans here for almost 20 years!"
George G.

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Ashley G.

Opened my business over 10 years ago with the help of SMB! They still take great care of me.
Pamela L.

This is our bank. They're part of our family!
Steve W.

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Karina W.

"We have been banking with SMB for over 25 years. Checking, savings, and loans, they are the best ever. We will always bank with SMB."
Donna M.

"The best bank there is. Will never go anywhere else. You rock SMB."
Nancy T.

"I moved away from the Joplin area and SMB is still our bank!"
Karoline R.

"Love our home town bank and the service they provide!"
Barbara E.

"My first & only bank!"
Emily G.

"Best bank, hands down!!"
Kim J.

"Local, friendly, and always great customer service!"
Allison S.

"SMB customer service is Amazing!"
Lisha M.