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Bounce Protection

Bounce Protection offers protection against returned checks and electronic transactions due to insufficient funds. The following types of transactions may be covered by Bounce Protection.

  • The payment of checks, ACH debits, or other withdrawal requests.
  • ATM or debit card transactions.
  • Payments authorized by the customer.
  • The return of unpaid items deposited by the customer.
  • The deposit of items which, according to the bank's Funds Availability Policy, are treated as not yet available or finally paid.

Bounce Protection limits vary by the type of checking account you have. Ask an accounts specialist for more details.

Bounce Protection Limits:

Free Checking Plus - $500
Lifestyles Checking - $1,000
Interest Bearing - $1,000
Money Market Checking - $1,000
Free Business Checking - $500
Business Non-Interest Checking - $500
Business Interest Bearing Checking - $500

If you use Bounce Protection, your account will be charged $30 for each overdraft item that we pay, up to your protection limit. We will send you a notice each time your items are paid into the overdraft.

Overdrawn accounts must be brought back to a positive balance within 20 days of the first overdraft. Failure to do so may result in revocation of your Bounce Protection privileges.

Bounce Protection is a privilege provided to customers who maintain an account in good standing. We are not obligated to pay any item presented for payment if your account does not contain sufficient funds. We may refuse to pay an overdraft for you at any time, even though we may have previously paid overdrafts for you.

Southwest Missouri Bank reserves the right to limit participation to one account per household and to discontinue this product.

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