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Cash Management

Cash Management is an add-on to Business Banking Online that gives your business the information and services you need to move ahead of the pack. With Cash Management, you benefit from extra security for your online business activities – you can select who has access to which accounts and services and then control what that user can do. All with the great personal service that sets SMB apart from other banks.

With Cash Management, a business can:

  • Create ACH (Automated Clearing House) entries. This allows you to process direct deposit payroll for your employees, or bill your customers electronically. Imagine not having to send out invoices and process the checks when they come back in. Imagine providing your employees with the comfort that their paycheck is already in the bank on payday. Multiple benefits exist for you and your employees if they bank with SMB.
  • Originate wire transfers online quickly and easily using templates for your recurring wires and receive discounted wire fees.
  • Positive Pay allows you to specify the checks you issued and we pay only those items.
  • Track your available balance and monitor incoming items with Current Day and Previous Day summary screens.
  • Make transfers between accounts and make loan payments up until 8:30 PM CST on any banking day for same day credit.
  • Control who in your business can log on and what authority levels they have. All user activities are logged and reports can be produced by the bank at your request.

Contact our Electronic Services department at (800) 943-8488 or (417) 359-1000 to get started.

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