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Business Bill Pay Payroll Deposits

Are you looking for an affordable direct deposit payroll option for your business? Here at SMB, we have the solution. With our Business Bill Pay, you may pay your employees and contractors online with no fuss. Just set up the pay schedule and you'll receive a reminder letting you know it's time to finalize this week's payroll.

As if that wasn't good enough, here are some additional options that make your record keeping a breeze.

Split Deposit

Easily split an employee's payroll deposit into two different accounts. Whether they have an HSA or regular savings account they want money deposited into, you may do it with no additional transaction fees.

Expense Reimbursement

Are you frequently reimbursing employees for work related expenses? Easily send payment along with their payroll with no additional transaction fees.


Create audit reports and customize them for the information you need. Reports are available for payments processed, changed, stopped, payees added, outstanding checks, and more.