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Six Money Tips for Holiday Travel

November 10, 2023

grandparent visiting grandkids for the holidays

Traveling for the holidays? Here are six quick tips for keeping your finances safe.

Have multiple payment options

Make sure you have several methods for getting cash and making purchases – your debit card, credit card, etc. Always keep one credit card in a separate place while traveling – just in case.

Tell your bank

Contact your bank and let them know where and when you will be traveling. This ensures their fraud department knows if your card is flagged for out-of-state use. Using SMB Online, you can set up travel notifications on your debit card 24/7.

Check card limits

Check the daily cash withdrawal limit, purchase limit, and credit limit for each debit and credit card you’ll be using on your trip.

Go mobile

Make sure you can check your card activity on the go with your bank’s mobile app. If you have a credit card you only use for emergencies, make sure your login is still valid and ready to go if you need it.

Set up alerts

Consider signing up for mobile text alerts so you will be alerted of large transactions while unplugged on vacation.

Know your surroundings

When using an ATM, be alert to those around you and make sure it is well lighted and equipped with a security camera.

Follow these tips for a financially stress-free trip and ENJOY!