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SMB Online FAQs

SMB Online Access and Logging In

I already have a login for SMB Online. Will I need to set up a new one?

No. You will access the new online banking with your existing SMB Online ID and password.

I'm not an online banking user. How do I sign up?

You can enroll online and have immediate access to your accounts, bill pay, and much more.

Enroll now

If you are a business, you can complete our Business Banking Online application and will receive your login information by mail. You can always stop by any of our locations to apply.

Business application

What if I've forgotten my SMB Online ID or password?

Choose Forgot? when logging in to view your SMB Online ID and reset your password. You will need your account number to access this information. If you are unable to complete the steps, give us a call and we can help!

Recover ID and Reset Password

Is there anything different about how I log in?

Yes, the new system uses a secure feature called two-step verification. Two-step verification is an important security tool to help ensure users do not fall victim to account compromise. This replaces your past watermark and security questions.

When you set up two-step verification, you will enter a phone number to receive a simple verification code via text or call. This is a one-time set up, to ensure that you have access to this phone while completing these steps. Each time you log in on a new device, you will receive a code at the phone number originally provided.

When I log into SMB Online, do I need to get a verification code every time I log in?

No. Check the Don’t ask for codes again on this computer box if you do not want to receive a verification code or phone call each time you log in. If you prefer to input a confirmation code with each use, you can leave the box unchecked.

If you have your web browser set to clear your cache when closed, you may still be asked to enter a verification code even if the box is checked.

How do I sign out?

To sign out of your SMB Online, go to your menu and click your name at the bottom. The Sign out option will appear.

How do I download the mobile banking app for my phone or tablet?

The SMB Online app is available for download in your app store! Choose your app store below to download.

On what devices can I access SMB Online?

You can access SMB Online on a smartphone, tablet, and computer.

  1. Log in at
  2. Download the SMB Online app from the Google Play or Apple Store
Which Internet browsers can I use to access my accounts online?

Your online banking safety and security is a top priority and we recommend that you use a modern, supported browser when banking online to make sure you're protected.

SMB Online only supports the latest versions of:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

Please keep your browsers up-to-date to ensure safe browsing and uninterrupted access to online banking.

Why am I getting an error that says, "Your account needs attention"?

This error is present during the log in process and typically means that your account has been locked. This can happen for a variety of reasons but is easily resolved. Please contact us at 800.943.8488 or chat with us for assistance unlocking your account.

Why am I getting an error that says, "Oops: The information you provided doesn't match what we have on file"?

This error is present during the log in process and typically means that your account information does not match our records. Please contact us at 800.943.8488 to verify your information on record.

Why am I getting an error that says, "Incorrect phone number"?

This error is present during the enrollment process and means the phone number you entered does not match the phone number we have on file. If you have an alternative phone number, you can try again. If you would like to update your phone number in our system or need other assistance, please contact us at 800.943.8488.

How do I change my SMB Online ID or password in SMB Online?

You can change your ID and password at any time in SMB Online. Click on your name from the bottom of your menu, go to Settings and select Security. Click on Edit next to Username or Password to make changes.

How do I log out of SMB Online?

Click on your name at the bottom of your SMB Online menu and select Sign out.

Accounts, Transactions, & Transfers

How do I search for transactions in SMB Online?

Account transactions can be searched by amount, date, tags, etc. To search, go to your account transactions and select the magnifying glass icon.

How do I rename or personalize an account name in SMB Online?

Choose the account you wish to rename and click Settings. Choose Rename, type the new name, and Save.

What happens to my scheduled transfers?

Your scheduled internal transfers - between your SMB accounts - will continue as normal. We recommend you check to make sure they are scheduled and ready to go.

Your scheduled external transfers - to/from your SMB account and your account at another financial institution - will need to be rescheduled after the upgrade.

Did my transaction history transfer with the upgrade?

You will have immediate access to 120 days of account history. After approximately thirty days, you will have access to the same amount of transaction history you are accustomed to. Going forward, your transaction history will build and will not be limited to a certain amount of time. Electronic statement customers can find the past 18 months of statements in the Statements & Notices section.

How do I view the details of my loan in SMB Online?

To view details of your loan, select your loan under the Accounts section to view your loan transactions and details.

How do I hide an account from my SMB Online?

Click on the account you wish to hide, select Settings and toggle the slider off next to "Display in online and mobile banking".

How do I change the order of my accounts?

Select Accounts from your menu, scroll to the bottom of your account list, and click Organize accounts.

How do I change the size of the card sizes on my dashboard to show more or less information?

Click the three dots at the top right of each card. If other sizes are available, you'll be able to choose between Small and Large.

Do my account alerts still work after the upgrade?

No. You will need to set up new alerts after the upgrade. You can enable notifications for the new SMB Online app and receive transaction and balance alerts on your phone and smartwatch.

Your bill pay alerts were unaffected.

How do I export my account transactions?

Choose the download option next to the print icon when viewing your account activity.

How do I view my electronic statements and notices?

Select an account and click Statements & Notices.

Can I access my SMB Credit Card in my SMB Online?

SMB Credit Cards can be linked to your SMB Online by selecting Connect institution and searching for Southwest Missouri Bank Credit Card. This gives you the ability to view your card balance and transactions. To make a credit card payment, visit your online bill pay.

How do I add a tag, note, or image to a transaction?

You can add notes, tags, and images to any transaction inside SMB Online. To begin, click on a transaction and choose from:

  • Add Tags
  • Add Notes
  • Add Images
Will I need to do anything for my Quicken/QuickBooks to work?

You may need to modify your Quicken/QuickBooks settings to ensure the smooth transition of your account data.

Customer Info & Chat

How can I change my phone number, email address, or primary address in SMB Online?

You can update your contact information by clicking your name at the bottom of your menu. This brings you to the Profile screen. You can update your address, email address, and phone numbers. From this screen you can also add a profile image and a preferred name.

Is there an easy way for me to ask questions about my accounts within online banking?

Yes, you can send us secure messages right from your SMB Online. When viewing an account or transaction, you have the option to Ask us about this transaction making it easy to get your questions answered.

What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

Log into SMB Online and remove the device. Click your name from the bottom of your menu and select Settings. Choose Security and click Remove next to the device that has been lost or stolen.

If the device is the one used for your verification codes, reset your two-step verification from this Security screen as well.

Contact us at 800.943.8488 for further assistance.


Will my account alerts work in the new online banking?

Alerts will need to be re-entered. Alerts are unique for each account, so you can set the alerts to work best for you. To set up your alerts, click your account, and choose Alert preferences. There is a Balance and a Transaction section. Choose + Add alert and fill out the details. You can choose to be alerted by text, email, and/or in-app message.

When using the SMB Online app, you can enable notifications on your device and get alerts sent to your lock screen.

How do I edit an account alert?

Click your account and choose Alert preferences. Click Edit next to the existing alert, make your changes, and Save.

How do I delete an alert from my account?

Click your account and choose Alert preferences. Click Edit next to the existing alert and select the trash icon to delete.

Paying Bills & People

Will I need to set up my bill payees and scheduled payments again in the new SMB Online?

With our online bill pay, all payees and scheduled payments continue as normal.

How do I pay a bill in SMB Online?

Visit Payments and choose Pay a bill to get started.

How do I pay a person in SMB Online?

Visit Payments and choose Pay a person to get started.

How do I edit a scheduled payment?

Visit Payments, select the pending payment, click Edit. You can change the amount, date to be paid, and delete the payment all together.

Debit Card Controls

I lost my debit card. What do I do?

Find your card under Card management, toggle the slider to lock your card. This keeps your card locked until you turn it back on.

If your card is permanently lost or has been stolen, you may cancel your card by selecting Report lost/stolen. Come into a branch or give us a call at 800.943.8488 to request a new one.

Do I need to let you know when I'll be using my card out of state?

When using your debit card out of state, the transaction may be flagged as unusual card activity, treated as potential fraud and declined for your protection. Notifying us of your travel plans before your trip lets us know you are in control of your card. You can notify us by clicking the airplane icon in your Card management and selecting Add travel notice. Enter your trip information and we'll know you are in control of your card.


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