Bill Pay for Mobile Devices

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Pay Bills & People

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To get started using bill pay on your mobile app, log in to your online banking in a web browser and click the PowerPay Bill Pay tab.

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Schedule a new payment

Tap on the + on the PowerPay Activity page to begin scheduling a new payment. Select your payee, enter your payment information, and tap Submit.

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Add a new payee

Tap on the Add Payee icon on the PowerPay Payees screen to begin adding a new payee. Select the payee type – Person or Business. Then, enter the payee's information.

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Edit or delete a scheduled payment

Tap on the dots next to the scheduled payment to view editing options.

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Edit or delete a payee

On iPhone or iPad, tap on the payee you would like to edit from the PowerPay Payees screen. Tap the pencil to edit the payee’s information or the trash to delete the payee.

On Android, tap the three vertical dots next to the payee to view editing options.

Screenshot of editing a payee.

Schedule a recurring payment

Simply choose the recurring option and select the frequency you would like the payment sent.

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