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Mobile Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions

Mobile Deposit is a service that allows you to use your mobile device and our banking app to capture original checks or other deposit items that meet our required standards (“Checks”) and electronically transmit images of the checks and associated deposit information to Southwest Missouri Bank ("Bank") for deposit to your designated account.

You must:

A valid account may not:

Hardware and Software Requirements
In order to use the service, you must have a compatible mobile device – iPhone, Android, or iPad – that can access the Internet along with a NetTeller Internet Banking account and our SMB Mobile banking app.

Eligible Items
You agree to scan and deposit only “Checks” as that term is defined in Federal Reserve Regulation CC.

You agree that you will not scan and deposit any of the following types of checks or other items which shall be considered ineligible items:

Business Day and Deposit Limits
Deposits received prior to 5 PM CST on a Business Banking Day (typically Monday – Friday excluding holidays) will be posted to that day’s business.  Deposits received after 5 PM CST will be posted on the next business day.

For personal accounts you may deposit up to three checks, totaling no more than $1,500 on any given Business Banking Day. You may deposit up to 10 checks totaling no more than $5,000 in any given month.

Business account limits will be determined by our Business Mobile Deposit Agreement. This will be provided by the Financial Institution.

Funds from mobile deposits are subject to the Funds Availability Policy and may not be available for immediate withdrawal.

Any check that you deposit must be endorsed with "Mobile Deposit Only" printed on the back followed by your signature.  Checks deposited without the proper endorsement may be subject to return and a return deposit fee per your account agreement.

Storing and Destroying of Items
Upon your confirmation from SMB that we have received an image that you have transmitted, you agree to retain the check for at least 60 calendar days from the date of the image transmission.  After 60 days, you agree to destroy all deposited checks as soon as reasonably possible. Cross cutting or using a paper shredder is strongly suggested.

In the event we determine that we require the original paper check for re-presentment in order to collect a returned check image or substitute check, you are responsible for providing to us the original paper check, or if the original paper check has been destroyed, for obtaining a replacement check.

Your Responsibility
You indemnify and hold the Bank, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, penalties, and expenses arising directly or indirectly:

You are liable for all transactions made or authorized with the use of your mobile device. You agree that if you fail to safeguard its security, you will be in violation of your obligations under the Terms and Conditions of Your Account.  You agree to take appropriate steps to ensure that all components of your device are protected and kept confidential.

Error Reporting
You agree that it is your responsibility to review all such information that the Bank makes available to you in a timely manner to verify that deposits made through the service have been received and accepted by the Bank and are accurate.

You agree to notify the Bank immediately of any suspected errors regarding items deposited through the service, and in no event later than 30 days after the applicable SMB account statement is issued.

There is currently no charge for Personal use of this service. We reserve the right to charge for this service upon proper notification to you or to cancel access to this service at any time.

Business accounts will be charged in accordance to the Business Mobile Deposit Agreement that will be provided by the Financial Institution. This must be signed by all Business account holders.

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