SMB Online Business PowerPay

With Business PowerPay, you get it ALL – your way!  Pay bills from one convenient place, pay employees electronically with direct deposit, run audit reports, track company spending with a few clicks, reduce paperwork, and even set permission controls so you decide who makes payments, what payments are made, and the maximum payment amount.  Business PowerPay is available within online banking and Cash Management.

To get started, click the PowerPay Bill Pay tab within your online banking. Fees and conditions apply.

Bill Pay
Easily pay bills, people, and invoices right from your online dashboard and take advantage of the many features designed to make your life easier.
Payroll Deposits
Take the challenge out of payroll and use direct deposit! Easily schedule and send paychecks and expense reimbursements electronically – anytime, anywhere.
Make online transfers to your non-SMB accounts right from your Business PowerPay – anytime, anywhere.

Stay in control even when you're on the go with these great features.

It's easy to stay on top of your bills and payroll with our notifications and reminders. You choose how you want them – text, email, or both!

Set Permissions for Users
When using Business PowerPay with Cash Management, you may set up custom access for users. You decide who can schedule payroll and bill payments, set max dollar amounts for each, and even require your approval before payment is sent.

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Business PowerPay FAQs