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Want your tax refund fast? Choose direct deposit.

January 31, 2023

tax return with tax refund check

Direct deposit is not only the fastest way to receive your tax refund, it is also the safest. Your money will be securely deposited in your account - right where it belongs. Here are a few reasons you should choose direct deposit.


Thousands of paper checks are returned to the IRS every year as undeliverable mail. By choosing direct deposit, you eliminate the possibility of your refund check being lost, stolen or returned to the IRS as undeliverable.


You won't need to make an extra trip to the bank if your money goes directly into your bank account.


Simply follow the instructions on your return when filing. Make sure to enter the correct bank account and routing numbers on your tax form.

Do you need your routing and account number?

Choose from the options below for details.

Routing Number

Our Routing Number is 101203641.

Account Number

To ensure your account information is confidential, we do not provide account numbers here. Please refer to the information below for help locating your account number.

Log into your SMB Online

Your account number is provided in account details.

View your account statement

You may view your account number at the top of your electronic or paper statement.

Refer to a check

Your account and routing numbers are found printed at the bottom of your checks and printed deposit slips.

Find your account and routing number on your checks.

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If you're unable to access your account number via SMB Online, your account statement, checks or printed deposit slips, please stop by your neighborhood SMB location and we'd be happy to help! As always, you're welcome to call us, but please be aware that for your protection, we don't provide account numbers over the phone.

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