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Economic Impact Payments and Possible Scams

April 29, 2020

Economic Impact Payment

Economic impact checks are being deposited directly to bank accounts or mailed to your home, and we encourage you to watch out for scams and phishing attempts. Please remember the following:

  • The IRS will NOT call you to verify or provide financial information. They won’t email you and ask for personal information so you “can get your check faster.”
  • Do not open unfamiliar emails or click on attachments or links.
  • Watch out for text messages, websites, and social media messages that request money or financial information.

Seniors should be particularly careful during this period. No one should be contacting them asking for any kind of information, since the payments are being sent automatically to retirees.

Scammers may try to act on your behalf by saying they can get your check to you faster, and might even send you a bogus check and then ask you to call to verify information before you cash it.

Don’t fall for these fraudulent schemes! Be cautious, and if you have any questions go to or call your banker.